For the lifeblood of British communities

In the UK, there are more than 10,000 village, church and community halls or centres, each run and supported by incredible groups of volunteers. Village Halls are not simply places for social and physical activities, often they are the lifeblood of local communities and a real lifeline for people of all ages, offering essential services and at times emergency facilities. As such they’re a critical part of the national infrastructure.

Yet strangely, and despite the growing popularity of podcasts in the UK, there is currently nothing on offer to those who run, provide support or are involved closely with village halls. That is until now!

Kindly sponsored by Allied Westminster, the idea behind The Village Halls Podcast is to develop a listening community for Britain’s village, church and community halls and anyone interested in the vital community services they provide. At least twice a month we release a new episode, featuring different guests, each with useful information and interesting stories to share.

Our podcast is not just for you, it’s about you – the people behind Britain’s fabulous network of Village Halls – so we would really love to hear from you. Please contact us or get in touch through our Facebook or Twitter pages and tell us your stories. Feed in your ideas for future episodes, what YOU want to hear about. We want to hear what you’re up to, what kind of successes and challenges you’re facing and of course, why not come on the show and be a guest and share what you know?

Keep listening, join in the discussion and let’s support Village Halls everywhere.